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About A&A Shipping Group

Our group offers its customers full logistic solutions, from shipping line services, international forwarding services, project oriented cargo services, to customs services, overland and air transportations and vessel chartering services


A&A Shipping Group is strongly considered as one of the largest and most experienced groups in its field in the local market.

A&A shipping headquartered is located in Tel-Aviv, with branches in the Israeli ports of Ashdod, Haifa and Tel Aviv international airport.

Our Group services are divided to four major departments:

  • Shipping line services
  • Logistics & freight forwarding services
  • Vessels Chartering services
  • Custom brokerage services 


A&A Shipping is the Israeli official representative of one of the leading international shipping lines -   - Hyundai Merchant Marine Ltd - Providing large scope of services with a wide range of marine transport to and from, many ports and destinations world-wide.


A&A Shipping as a group - offer its customers full logistic solutions:  from warehousing, storage and distribution, shipping line services, international forwarding services, project oriented cargo services customs brokerage services, overland and air transportations and vessel chartering services.


The Group’s logistical solutions includes a wide range of activities and services adapted to the requirements of 21st century customers.


Our company provides all the services, and create a perfect and complementary synergy.


A&A SHIPPING GROUP strategic partners, offers land, sea and air transport services, advanced logistics services, end-to-end handling of shipments and project management worldwide. 


OUR WORLDWIDE Solutions makes it possible to perform the organization’s entire supply chain management by means of a single supplier. 


We at A&A Shipping strongly believe that our success lies in our commitment for service. We put particular emphasis on a devoted customer service department which offers intelligent and fast solutions for all challenges raised by our clients.


With our experience, creativity and wide knowledge of the shipping world, supported by a close cooperation with a professional network worldwide, We continually strive for the perfect service for our clients.


A&A Shipping business philosophy is "Customer service". We consider ourselves as a very dynamic company with a big focus on marketing.


We are operating from 3 service centers around the country:

  • Tel - Aviv - Head Office
  • Ashdod - Southern Region 
  • Haifa - Northern Region


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Contact Us:
6 Koyfman St. 
Gibor House, 16th Flr.  
Tel-Aviv 68012 Israel
Tel: +972-3-5162388



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